September 7, 2011

Aaah - Naps!!

I am having a very tough time with the transition from two naps to one! I didn't even realize when they dropped from three to two. But this one is taking for ever!

When we are out and about, RM falls asleep right away in the car at around 1100'ish, where as RT can stay up till 0300 -partying away all the while. When at home, RT just can not hold it together around 3 hours after waking (1100'ish) and RM just can't sleep till its past 1200-1230! Aaah! I have tried to stick to a schedule, they still both go in together... but it is not necessary that they will sleep at the same time - RM can be up for almost 1-1.5 hours after I put him in (sometimes fussing, sometimes blabbering, and sometimes crying). RT will normally need a second nap if she sleep this early (1100)... and since RM stays up for almost 1.5 hours, sometimes he has hardly had a 45 min to 1 hour nap in the morning and will nap again. If I let them sleep individually (as and when they want), I don't want to have naps from 1100 am to 0500 pm (approximately 1100-0100 RT, 0130-0300 RM and then 0400-0500 RT again )! This whole thing probably sounds messed up/confusing.

With all the rains and the temperatures dropping, it is already starting to get difficult to go out in the evening, and with their naps... we end up in a house arrest! Mommy doesn't like it and neither do the babes!

Thanks for all your comments about the naps, toy snatching and other recent posts!


Just to be a little clear... we usually don't step out in the morning (only on weekends if there are lunch birthday parties etc - which is when RT has proved that she can party till 0300 pm without a nap)... so things stay consistent. The kids are not hungry for lunch at 1100 if they have gotten up at around 0800 am, and had breakfast and milk. :( And RT gets so fussy around 1100, that it is difficult to keep her entertained with anything - may be she needs party style entertainment every day! So, if I think of taking them out (play dates) in the morning, RM will definitely doze off in the car. They both have such different personalities! Hopefuly its just a matter of time... Mommy needs to cool down!!


  1. I try to avoid being in the car at 11a.m. because Burrito will almost certainly fall asleep. At home he's fine if things stay interesting, but he will doze off if it's quiet. I moved lunch to 11 instead of after nap like we used to do it, which helps.

  2. The morning outing was essential in our nap transition. We arrived around 10:30 (so no nap in the car), partied until about 11:30. Then went home and ate lunch when we arrived (that I prepared before we left). They were down by about 12:15 most days. The first few days/weeks they didn't nap very long and we just put them to bed super early (6:15 after daddy got home rather than 7:30) After awhile they stretched out their naps to a good length of 2+ hours. At 2 they'll sleep 2 hours if I don't wear them out and I'll wake them when they've slept 2.5 hours on a day where I do wear them out in the morning so they'll go to bed at a reasonable hour.

  3. The 2-1 nap transition was by far the hardest for us. I hope your naps have smoothed out in the last week since your post!