August 10, 2011

CD 777

Yes, that's approximately how long it has been since I saw AF last - around 777 days (2 years, 1 month and 17 days... not counting the bleeding (lochia) after c-section in March 2010 and bleeding/blood clot/ER visit at around 8w pregnant... and oh yes, I stopped breastfeeding in January 2011).

I just finished my first cycle on BCP last week and AF visited right away. I felt so freakin' sick. I was nauseous (never had that before), crampy and had a head ache! LOL - it felt like puberty - only almost 2 decades later. Not fun to have the monthly AF - I definitely did not miss the outwardly physical aspect of it, but I am hoping that regulates my hormones a little!


  1. Wow! That is one seriously long stretch of not having a cycle!

    Mine have been weird since having the twins. I think because I've been really awful at taking my thyroid meds and my hormones are probably wacky.

  2. Wow, I got AF back at 5 months on cessation of Bf and they came back semi regular (for me anyway) having AF appear every 45 days is hell for me, I always said the only good thing about PCOS was having up to 187 day cycles!

    I loathe AF, if it wasn't major surgery I'd happily have a hysterectomy once I've finished family building - i figure once I've finished having kids there is no reason I should have to cycle for another 10 to 30 years