August 26, 2011

17 Months!

The duo turns 17 months today! One month shy of 1.5 yrs - unbelievable!

-RM has all 16 teeth, RT is popping 4 to make her total count of 16.

-Our little people can identify A to Z. As in not each letter, but they identify it when they see it anywhere (tv, toys, songs). RM's favorite is "E" and RT's is "G". They will point out any letter and keep saying E/G.

-For them cow goes - Mooo, goat goes - Maah, elephant goes - huuu (with trunk in the air), puppy goes - wooowooo, tiger and lion go - khaaw (with a deep sound). We saw 4 deers very up close on one of the trails by our house. The kids were enchanted by them. RT calls Deer as "Dea".

-RT tries to repeat quite a few things after us. RM is catching up. He is more vocal than he was last month. I feel like RT is usually a couple of weeks ahead of RM (walking, climbing, speech). The way they refer to certain items keep changing... like diaper went from dia-dia to dibar to bar.

-RT is obsessed with "Wheels on the Bus go round and round". She will make me sing it or play the song at the drop of a hat! They both can pretty much act out the whole song. Thanks to it, they can also identify a bus, viper, wheels (on toys, cars, pictures).

-RM can properly jump with his both feet in the air at the same time. He will say "Pop" (from Pop goes the weasel) when he jumps! RT pretends with her hand in the air and sometimes one foot in the air.

-RT can properly spin balls and disks/rings. He throws a ball (to a great distance) in a very well coordinated way.

-They both can identify: head, hair, eyes, nose, teeth, ears, tummy, belly button, hands, feet (and almost chin) on themselves, other people and other objects (baby doll, puppy).

-It's amazing how much they can co-relate and identify random things. Like the Veg Straws at Costco or a bicycle in a store (after seen older kids ride it around our place).

-We did a couple of 1 nap days successfully this week. Once RT was over her cold, she could manage staying up through an early lunch, followed by a 1-2 hour nap. I am hoping that will become a routine slowly.

-RT just went through a phase of non-eating (rather bad eating) for almost 5 weeks. After the diarrhea, we were hit by cold/cough and teething! We have had a long couple of weeks. I am just hoping things will settle in a little. It also means that we didn't try milk in a sippy cup!

-For now, RT seems to be more dominating. She will grab whatever she wants from RM, where as RM will not try to pull anything away from RT. He will many a times start crying and run over to me. A very tricky situation to handle. I don't want to teach RM that it is okay to run back to RT and grab things from her, but at the same time, I don't want him to learn that it is okay to be at the receiving end. How do you handle such situations?

We are renting a house in the mountains with some friends for the long weekend. I am a little concerned about the sleep situation. But it will be a good practice to see how things will go when we go on Vacation in October (more on that later).

We go for RM's eye check up (as recommended by the Neuro specialist as a check for NF) on Friday, September 02, 2011. I hope the appointment goes well.


Everyone stay safe with Irene headed to the northeast. I hope it is not going to create a big mess around the coast.


  1. So lovely to read how the twins are progressing! It's so amazing! You are doing great. I don't have suggestions on how to handle the toy-grabbing situation, maybe it'll work out by itself? Love, Fran

  2. I don't have any suggestions about how to handle the toy grabbing either. When Noah is with other kids I don't interfere unless they're going to hit each other. I've read about this and I liked the philosophy, and it seems to work really well and Noah gets along so well with other kids. Anyway, not everyone is comfortable with that, and since RM is running to you and crying, it seems a little different.

    Good luck on your mountain trip!

  3. For the toy grabbing, here is what I do (it's my boy who is the grabber):

    Our rule is that if something is in someone else's hands or mouth, it belongs to that person. When he grabs, I repeat the rule and tell him that he has to wait until they put it down. Now at this age (~6 months older than yours) I can tell him to give it back and he does. At 17 months I'd tell him to give it back, he wouldn't, and I'd take it from her and give it back.

    When my daughter cries about getting her toy stolen, I tell her to take it back herself and give her words that she can use when she starts talking to that degree (e.g., I was holding that, and the rule is that you have to wait until I put it down). If her brother hurts her and she cries I'll certainly comfort her, but for a stolen toy I want her to learn to stand up for herself.

    In general I agree with Lauren's philosophy of not interfering, but with twins, especially when one is grabby and the other is sensitive, if I'd followed that system it would have been literally half of the day that my daughter was crying over stolen toys. The grabber also needs to learn that he can't get away with it; if you let the grabber succeed every time, he will never stop and will just take anything he wants no matter what the rules are.

    Good luck!