September 9, 2010

It still hurts!

One of my friends from high school called and told me she is Pregnant! I should have been happy and excited for her! But, the same old story - I am not! She is a part of the close knit group we had back in the days. We are still very well connected and in touch! Another reason, why I should have been really excited for her... because she was a potential candidate for being an IF!

I think the reason is because she is the second gal from that group of ours who got PG one after the other and real quick. Why is it so easy for them? I have two beautiful babies... who mean the world too me... so why do I still hurt just about the same!

I guess, just like I will always be a Mother... I will always be an Infertile!


  1. Ah sweetie...big hugs. I think it's normal for you to still feel this way, but maybe it'll ease a bit in the future. Love, Fran

  2. I'm with you BB. One of my friends is currently pregnant despite the morning after pill. One day she'll post status updates on facebook that say, "I never knew how cute a heartbeat could be," and then the next day she complains to my face how much she hates being pregnant. I feel like it's all a big dramatic show for her to gain attention, in whatever way she can. And it pisses me off. I wish she would just feel lucky, and do it humbly. Hmmph.