July 23, 2010

One Year... & twin blessings!!

Exactly one year ago our babies came to be! Thursday, July 23, 2009 was my ER. Even though we were striving to complete our family, it was more of a mission to get pregnant... and never had I imagined how wonderfully blessed we would be a year down the line!

The journey to reach to this point has not been easy. Even now everyday with the babies is something new, a new challenge in some form or the other. Though, seeing the twinkle in their eyes, the smiles, the recognition, the cooing... it makes it all worth it!

I love you my sweet little Darlings!!


  1. We definitely had a more difficult road to getting pregnant than most people, but it's really special to be able to reflect back on such significant days like this. Most people can only guess at the moment their babies came to be. And doesn't it make you wonder a little at the potential of all those other embryos?Not that you want that many kids! I'm so happy for you that one year later you're a mom to two beautiful babies!

  2. Blessings, indeed. Your story is so encouraging!

  3. Wow my friend what a journey!

    you know, I finally found the perfect thing to send you (about time you must think!) and it's for you. All going well I'll be able to post it next week! Fran

  4. What a difference a year makes! I'm so thrilled to read RT & RM are doing fabulously.