June 26, 2010

3 Months!!!

Happy 3 Months Birthday my Dear Babies!!!

Every post I post seems to say that time is flying by... and it sure is! There is so much I want to say, but I have been really busy with guests. There are a few thoughts going on in my head and I will be posting about it next.

A few updates about the babies...

-They are already wearing size 2 diapers.

-They fit in to 3-6 month clothes.

-They roll over with assistance.

-They are grasping toys.

-They get very easily entertained with things which might seem simple to us. Every morning, RT cracks up and gets super excited when the sun rays peeping through the window blinds dance on the wall! It's hilarious and super cute!

-Their favorite toy is a mobile which I designed (with inspiration from HGTV) and my parents made. It is very simple... we have 4 different colors of ribbon alternating and hanging off of a ring. The babes love to stare at it and get a kick out of it when we spin it for them. The whole thing cost under $5!

-RM has different cries for most things. I am hungry, I need to be burped, I need attention etc. RM has one standard cry for everything and it is sometimes difficult to figure out what she wants. Though she will very easily make us know if she is pissed!

-Initially we had thought that RT was more easy going than RM... she seemed more patient. But things have flipped. RM is the more patient one now... he is very easy going and ever smiling. Where as RT has turned in to the more demanding baby.

-RT is more vocal than RM. She will converse with you with geeee, haguuuu, dhaaai. She will make noises if you are not looking to grab your attention. And once you look at her... she will give you the cutest smile! RM loves to talk as well and can smile for ever!

-RM is a great sleeper, he will make sure he gets the naps he needs. Where as RT... OMG... sometimes we really have to work on her to get her to nap!

-RM is great at tummy time. He perfectly holds his head and checks out stuff around him. Where as RT... she will use that opportunity to relax and sleep on her tummy. I bet she is going to be a tummy sleeper... I am going to have to watch out on her!

-Both of them have discovered sucking on their hand. They will suck on their hand to soothe themselves when they want to fall asleep.


  1. Oh my God how cute they must be!! and I feel dreadful for not having sent you anything yet, but I want to and I will!! Fran

  2. Sounds like they are doing fabulous! We need more pictures! :)

  3. Awh...I love the details...gotta make me a post soon...or I will forget those cute things :)

  4. I'm so glad to read that your little ones are doing great :)

  5. isn't it amazing how fast time flies? Mine will be 3 months on thursday!!

    You have an award on my blog!!

  6. I love reading baby updates!

    We moved up to size 3 nipples because it was taking ridiculously long (like an hour+) to drink 4 ounces, and our babies were actually getting tired and bored from eating that long that they'd eat in bursts and then stop, then eat in another burst, etc. With twins yourself, I'm sure you can understand how an hour eating is just not doable!