January 1, 2010

Hospital Visit - Quick Update

Just a quick update... I will post in detail later.

I had my follow up cervix scan yesterday morning and the cervix had not changed much... just a 0.1 cm less than a week ago (which could just be a margin of error)... though the tech and doc thought that I was having some contractions and the cervix is dynamically changing... so they decided to send me to the Perinatal Evaluation and Testing (PET) section of the hospital for couple of hours of monitoring. They hooked me up to monitors gave me a shot to reduce the contractions... the contractions reduced but kinda came back with in an hour... so they decided that I was getting the steroid shot (to boost babies lungs) and was going to start some pills (4 times a day) to reduce the contractions. I forgot the name of the medication, I will put that up when I post in detail. So we ended up staying overnight. We did the FFN test this morning and are awaiting the results. I hope they come back negative! If they are negative, most likely I will be going home this evening after the second steroid shot! As of now the babies and I are doing well.

Happy New Year to all!

*** Update ***
FFN result came back negative. Got back home January 1st evening, just exhausted and overwhelmed, will post in detail tomorrow (Sunday 3rd).


  1. I'm glad the babies are ok! That all sounds stressful. I'm glad they seem to be monitoring you closely.

    The husband and I were just talking about how lucky your batch of GonalF was. ;)

    Take good care.

  2. I hope all the news is good and the meds continue to keep the contractions at bay.

    Happy New Year...may the first little bump in the road this year be the only hardship you all face besides sleep deprivation when those precious babies come home healthy. Be well! Sending you peace and calm in this time.

  3. Wishing you and your babes the best. Ironically I work in OB sales and sell FFN. If you have any questions let me know. Happy New Year

  4. Hang in there little ones! Well, it will be a memorable New Years Eve. I hope you can go home today and things calm down. Take care!!

  5. Wow. I hope you are doing ok. I'll be thinking a lot about you.

  6. Thinking of you. Hope you're home safe and sound now. Good luck!

    (To your cervix: Please behave!)

  7. We're following and wish you the best....

    We, too (my husband and I) have a pregnancy blog, too, chronicling the ups and downs of this blessed journey. Take a look: www.jordaniantimes.blogspot.com

  8. So glad to hear the fFN was negative. I hope the contractions stop and that your pg is uneventful from here on out.

    Btw, you had asked about glass bottles and I've blogged about it here:


    Have a wonderful New Year. I'm rooting for you.

  9. Great news the test was negative! looking forward to your next update! much love, Fran