January 12, 2010


This post has been long over due. I was hoping to write a long post, but laying down and typing gets a "little" difficult... so I am going to have to go with bullets!

  • So, after the cervix scan (with a measurement of 2.5 cm) during Christmas, we decided that I was going on a self imposed bedrest. That was one of the most anxious weeks in a very long time! I was counting days to the next u/s (New Years eve - Dec 31) and was hoping my cervix wasn't doing anything crazy. For some reason, I had this feeling I was going to end up in the hospital and I kind of got in to this nesting phase where I had to get things done (especially all the bills, insurance, home stuff etc).

  • On 31st, during the scan the cervix hadn't changed much (2.4 cm), but the MFM thought that there was some dynamic change happening and they decided to put me on monitoring (Tocometer)! They started me on Procardia (4 times a day - every 6 hours). I received my first shot of the steroid on 31st (I was more than happy to take that - because it meant that it would boost the babies lung development). My husband got to stay with me at the hospital, so it wasn't that bad. I was released after the second shot and the fFN test on the New Years with strict bedrest instructions and home monitoring.

  • I have been set up with HUAM - Home Uterine Activity Monitor. I have to put the monitor on twice a day for 1 hour each. The data is recorded and then is sent over to a health clinic which calls me back to give me an update about how many contractions I have had. If there are more than 4 contractions in an hour during a repeat monitoring event or if I am feeling uneasy, the doctor is contacted (touch wood - we haven't had to do that so far). I have realized that I can pretty much pin point a contraction... and I could tell those even before the hospital visit - it was just that I couldn't classify them as a "contraction" back then. During a contraction my belly gets really stiff... mostly on one side more than the other and I get breathless... as if I am choking and I can feel my heart racing, and blood flowing in to my head! Most of the times the contractions seem to be under control with the medication, but there are times when my uterus is extra active. In such a case I am advised to drink even more water than I usually drink (which has been between 5-6L daily - I just get that thirsty) and things seem to stabilize.

  • Along with all this new routine... our insurance changed on 1/1/10! I had nightmares about the hospital/pharmacy creating issues about the new insurance (because we still have not received the permanent id card with an appropriate id #)... but things are under control (after several phone calls). So far, the insurance seems to be having a similar coverage (like our previous one)... but only time will tell (i.e. we do/don't receive bills in mail)!

  • So, right now I am in to my 3rd week of bedrest... food had been a little bit of a problem... but we some how managed. Poor husband has been working extra hard and I feel bad that I have not been able to help him. My Mom came over today and will be staying with us (for a couple of months) until after the babies are born (which I hope is still 8-10 weeks away). My Dad joins us in February. So things will hopefully be a little easier on the home front.

  • On a lighter note... when we checked in to the hospital and were going through some initial Q/A... one of the questions asked by (a young *hot*) doctor was "when was the last time you had intercourse?" Haha... my answer was July! To which she was like "whoaw" followed by a foxy look at my husband!

  • Currently, I am going in for weekly u/s. At the last u/s on 01/08, the cervix measured 2.2 cm. The next visit is this Friday 01/15 for cervix and 01/22 for cervix and growth scan. I am seeing the OB every 2 weeks as well. I have requested a 2nd fFN test at the next OB appointment on 01/20. The current routine continues, unless there are any crazy changes in between!


  1. Wow! You've already been through so much. My goodness.

    I'm glad you have family around to help and are being monitored so closely. You seem to be under good care.

    You'll be in my thoughts, hoping for at least another 8 weeks or more.


  2. And um... we haven't had sex since September, so don't feel bad!

  3. Glad for the update! I was really wondering what was happening with you after that last cervix check. I wish that things were more going more smoothly but it sounds like you have settled right into the situation and are dealing really well with it all.

    I hope the babies continue to cook for several more weeks and you can maintain the positivity that you have so far. You are weathering a tough storm but it is all good preparation for motherhood. You are proving already that you will be more than up to the task of being a mother and making these babies your top priority.

    Way to go on passing these motherhood tests before the babies even arrive! Hang in there, BB and stay upbeat as much as you possibly can. You are doing a great job and all the necessary stuff to ensure a good outcome.

  4. Wow, you've had quite the year so far! I'm happy to hear the babies are still doing well, and I hope they continue to do so for many weeks to come. It sounds like you're being well taken care of and monitored, so I'm sure things will work out as well as they can. But bedrest for that long has to be getting old fast. Hang in there!

  5. Keep on cooking, babies! I hope that the meds and monitoring do the trick and you have plenty more time being pregnant before the twins make an appearance. Good luck with the bedrest, although at least you're getting to go out weekly for your various doctor appointments. Glad to hear that your Mom will be there to help out, too. Hang in there!

  6. I've been thinking about you- and hoping that those two stay put for a lot longer!

  7. Hang tight! I have been on modified bedrest since New Years Eve. I feel guilty too about all the work my husband is doing but I bet if you ask, your husband will say the same thing mine did. It is all worth it. I am sure your Mom will be a big help. My Dad is coming down and bringing us lunch and dinner. If your husband has never tried it, a crockpot might help save him some time.

  8. hang in there... your body was made for this and knows exactly what to do... so enjoy the rest and think positive... ps how did you get the days to go countdown on your page?

  9. Wow! you are doing well my friend, all considering! I'm thinking of you often and can't wait to get updates from you. Mums are great and it'll be much easier from now on with her around. Love, Fran

  10. just popping by to say I'm still thinking of you and the bubs.

  11. :) so excited to hear about these little ones!! you're doing such a good job!!!