April 22, 2009

Weight Gain/Loss during IUI Cycles

I had gained almost 4-5 lbs during IUI # 1. I was afraid that I was going to be like 100 lbs heavier by the time I finished all my cycles/got pregnant. But to my surprise, I lost that gained weight and I lost additional 4 lbs during the rest cycle (total -8 lbs). I looked slimmer too! :) May be it’s the medication (Follistim, Ovidrel), may be it’s my insulin/sugar in control (due to Metformin), may be it’s the Acupuncture… or may be its just me! :)

With IUI # 2, I was afraid that I was going to gain weight again… though till now, I might have gained 2-3 lbs… in spite of me getting hungry every now and then and hogging so much! Though, I do feel heavier and bloated. Only time will tell the final outcome!

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