January 17, 2012

*Birthday* Plans

Oh its winter, and all the festive season is over. So, what is a Mommy to do!? Start thinking about a birthday party!

Yes, that is what has happened! We will be turning two, in 2 short months. It won't be a super big celebration, but we will be going to a small party place, since it is just too crammed with 10-15 kiddies running around (along with their parents) in our little house!

So far, I have tried to keep the duo away from as much commercialized stuff as possible. Their diapers, clothes, sippy cups, bags... none of it has any characters on it! But, these animated characters have made a grand entry in to our household through the limited TV that they watch. And Emo (E.l.m.o) is our favorite (besides Th.omas). And, I just can't think of anything else for their birthday other than Se.asa.me Str.eet! They adore Emo... and are so happy and enchanted when they see him. I can't imagine what else would make them so excited - other than to see Emo balloons, Emo happy (cake), Emo decor. So, most likely, the theme is going to be a no brainer this time! :)

Has anybody celebrated or attended a birthday party at YMCA? How has your experience been at the Y?


  1. Holy mackerel... two in just 2 more months! I haven't given it much thought yet, aside from thinking that it'll have to be at home and much smaller than her first was. Last year, there were still some family members who hadn't met her, so we kind of felt like it had to be a big event with everyone invited. This year, it'll be at-home, low-key, and probably no theme with just grandparents and aunts/uncles/cousins. Luckily, she can't remember last year's party so she won't feel short-changed.

    Happy almost-two-years!!

  2. Did you read my birthday plans post? :) Very similar to yours. I've pinned some cute Elmo ideas on pinterest so far.