December 26, 2011

21 Months!!

Happy New Year everyone!

We are already 21 months and 9 days old. The biggest part of this month has been how much their communication has improved.

-Both RT and RM are speaking up to 4 word sentences... Favorite of RT is "Happy to you Emo" (Happy Birthday to you, Elmo).

-They have two friends whose names (say - xyz) are similar (just one letter different), so if you ask them who is their friend or which friend they are meeting up with... their answer will always be xyz!

-They distinctly understand the difference between hot and cold, and will tell you if/when an item/object is hot/cold.

-They have been trying to sing their nursery rhymes by picking up on few random words in the song.

-We count 1 through 10 and A through Z... of course we skip a few numbers and letters, but we still make a good attempt at it. RT is obsessed with letters and numbers. She will read labels, she will count your hair strands, will count along with the minutes/seconds on a digital clock... she just loves any text!

-They both mimic my dads laughter and are proud about their mimicry.

-RM is obsessed with Choo Choo Trains, he has even stopped his meal once to go see Thomas on PBS one afternoon.

-RM tries real hard to whistle (blows air)

-RM will mischievously try to irritate RT by laying on her, or pulling pranks on her when she is least interested in reciprocating back... which leaves RT fussy and RM gets a kick out of it!

-Our kids are bilingual, and they mostly understand words and directions in both languages (english being one of them). Sometimes they will say both words when they are telling us

And, my husband just found my first gray hair today - I am getting old!! :O

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  1. Love that you are making sure they are bilingual! I think that is so important and actually helps more development patterns. Almost 2 years old, amazing!!

    I didn't get gray hairs, I went straight to white, which looks fabulous with my dark black hair. Oh well! Don't pluck :)