November 27, 2011

20 months!!

We are 20 months old as of November 26th!
This past month has just zoomed by! Right after recovering from the viral that made us cancel our trips late last month (October), we were hit by another one... which whacked up 2 more weeks! RM had to take antibiotics because the doctor suspected lung infection (since his coughing actually worsened (terribly) after a week). Then one week passed by alright, and RT is now down with fever for the last 3 days! This post has been sitting in my blogger for over a week now and it might just be a mumble jumble, but I am just going to post it!
-RT can identify and call out 8 numbers out of the first 10 numbers (she is confused about 1 and 7). She even kind of knows which number comes after which. She can identify and verbalize 24 off the 26 alphabets. She loves, loves, loves books and will keep asking "what" a million times. It will tire you out, but it has been totally worth it (looking at how much she has grasped). RM is attempting to pick on numbers and letters as well.
-They can identify: circle, square, triangle, heart, star, diamond, crescent shapes. They are starting to relate to colors, but aren't really able to identify them yet. RM can identify orange.
-RM loves to be held like a baby. Especially, with the viral... all he wanted to do was hop in to my lap and demand baby-baby, to which I held him close to my heart and rocked him. Just so precious! RT is not too fond of baby-baby... but oh my... she is a big smoocher! ;) She will randomly come and smacks her lips to yours and give you the sweetest kiss ever - over and over again! She generally likes to sit on your lap and read books, or play with her doll.
-Just after I posted last time that they still don't call out to each other, they actually started referring to each other by E (for RM) and V (for RT)... they are just letters which kind of go with their names. It's funny, they will actually kind of call out to each other with it.
-RM is starting to make 2 letter sentences, and sometimes randomly says copied jumbled up sentences!
-They are starting to call and identify some of their friends with names.
-RM can spin... and spin he does! If he spins a disk, it can very well take 5-6 (proper) rounds. He even twists his wrist in opposite direction to get a momentum! His kicks and throws (ball) are phenomenal!
-RM loves to hug his sister and caress her. And RT loves to get pampered! They look so cute when they do that!
-Both of them have been helping us clean up (their toys) before bathing/bedtime... but recently RM has been doing it unprompted... he even perfectly stacks up all the books. They both exactly know where each item goes in the room!
-They have moved on to size 6 diapers for day and night!
We have just been hit by one illness after another (every 2 weeks or so)... I am so exhausted, and I am sure the kids aren't very pleased with all this either! I can't wait for it to be spring already!
Hope everybody had a great Thanksgiving! We roasted a chicken for Thanksgiving this time... and the kids loved it!
I can't believe that in 4 short months, they will be turning 2 years old! Where has time gone?

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