December 23, 2010

9 Months - Milestones!

We are celebrating 9 months here! Everyday there is a new milestone reached in our household. This month has been great so far...

-RT army crawls; rocks on all fours; pulls up and sits on her own; sits on bent knees... has started to pull herself up on furnitureand stands unassisted; can balance herself if she is about to fall; loves baths (not fond of getting her hair washed though!); talks and talks and talks; loves to roll over a pile of pillows and then turns around and redoes the circus; has a pretty good pincer grip... has transitioned from no food/1 meal to almost 4 meals a day (not all of them are very productive... but we do eat 4 times a day) - she can pretty much eat anything we eat (with various textures and (mild) spice levels)!

-RM has progressed from army crawling to rocking on all fours in less than a week; he can pull himself up and tries to stand unassisted... he seems to be 2-3 weeks behind RM but has been catching up at a great speed and strength; loves baths; talks and talks and talks; he has also transitioned from no food/1 meal a day to almost 4 meals a day - he can pretty much anything we eat (with various textures and (mild) spice levels).

-They still get up 1-2 times for a middle of the night feed, but have been generally sleeping better than the previous month. RT, who had big time nap issues (short naps) has finally transitioned to longer naps (1-2 hrs). Both of them take 2 (long?) naps in a day.

-Their first tooth popped last week. Both started showing their lower right side tooth... it should hopefully be completely out in a few days. RM has actually started showing his 2nd lower tooth.

-Both caught a bad cold last week. Teething with a cold ain't fun. Poor babies have been cranky and have had some issues with food and sleep.

-They have been doing great with this trip of ours and I am hoping it continues the same way. When Daddy arrived (2 weeks ago)... RM instantly recognized him and had a very big smile on his face... RT was a little scandalized as to how come Daddy popped out of the blue... but in a short while they were both all over him!

-Reflux still exists... but all this mobility/activity... will it shrink the effect? Right now I am just holding tight till we head back before we can experiment with the medication. We are running short on the Prilosec because one of the medicine bottles froze and I am having to explore the option of using the local version of the medication - a little concerned of how that is going to go.

We are also observing 1 year of the beginning of my bedrest! I can't believe how fast it has flown by. Last year this time we were bombarded with the cervix and contractions issues, and we were so unsure of how things would progress. But, here we are today... and I feel blessed and humbled! I have loved every moment of being a SAHM and haven't missed the working world at all.

Christmas is not a very big grand festive season here and I am missing all the festivities back home! Daddy has headed back home now and it is making me want to go back again too. We should be home in 3 weeks. It is going to be challenging to reset their schedules and adjust to the brutal cold which is going to limit our outdoor activities. I also need to start thinking about our first birthday once we get back! How exciting!

Wishing you all Happy Holidays!

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  1. Love the update! I can't believe that RT is standing already. I swear, we're gonna blink and our babies won't be babies anymore. :(