December 14, 2009

22 Weeks

Well, 22w4d!

Quite a few things to update, so I am going for the bullet points...

  • I had my H1N1 vaccination last Tuesday (12/08/09)... I was ready to take what was available, but fortunately they had the Thimerosal free one available, so I got that. Haven't had any side effects till now... hope it stays that way!

  • Had an OB appointment last Wednesday (12/09/09 - 21W6d)... we discussed c-section again. We tentatively scheduled a c-section date for April 2 (38w1d). My OB does not like to go beyond 38w... and he seems to be highly optimistic :). As much as I want the babies to stay in there for that long, I very well know that that is an absolute best case scenario and things can change like crazy before that! I am trying to stay cautiously optimistic and positive, yet realistic!

  • After the 20w scan, I will be continuing with my cervix check every 2 weeks along with growth scan every 4 weeks (at least as of now)... so the next growth scan will be on 12/24/09 (24w). OB appointments continue to be every 4 weeks as of now (next one will be 01/05/10).

  • Cervix check on last Friday (12/11/09 - 22w1d) went well, I am still measuring around the same... I hope I can hold up the same way for the next several scans!

  • The babies are dancing in there and I can sometimes see the whole tummy move! I might have felt the baby girl hiccup yesterday - it was a continuous rhythmic nudge on the top right side - a little too rhythmic to be kicks... though I am not very confident it was hiccups either... since I have never felt it before!

  • Starting (around) 2 weeks ago, I can hear my left side groin/pelvic area "pop"... it normally happens when I have laid in one position for long. At night when I change positions or get up to pee, it is the most common. It doesn't hurt much, but it definitely makes me want to make any movements slowly. I guess it is Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction (SPD)... I didn't really mention it to my OB, but I will be bringing it up the next time I speak with him. Has anyone experienced this... what did you do to reduce it?

  • I signed up for Marvelous Multiples and the Breastfeeding classes (for January) at the hospital I will be going to. I would like to take the Baby Care class as well, but that seems to be conflicting with the other classes and the next one I can go to is in late February... and I am not sure if I am really going to be super mobile at that time. I would imagine that class is going to be pretty general and the other class contents would overlap with this one to some extent... also, my mom will be with us starting Jan mid, so hopefully even if we can't make it to that class we should be okay.


  1. Yay! Sounds like things are going well, aside from that popping thing.

    38 weeks huh?

    Yea, they gave me a due date of July 8th and I kind of chuckled... because when have you ever heard of twins going a full 40 weeks?

  2. So happy for you that all is going well. I stole your blog design. I knew I liked mines for some reason...and I realized I had seen it somewhere...but couldn't remember...oops...I hope you don't mind.

    Hopefully...we will be having our babies during the same week.

  3. Glad to hear that everything is going well (aside from the SPD- not familiar with that and I hope it's not too bad). I must admit, I'm a little jealous of all those scans... I haven't seen Ishkabibble in nearly 7 weeks, and I don't know if I get another peek before birthday or not. hurray for feeling babies move- it's cool and bizarre and remarkably reassuring. Happy holidays!!

  4. SO great all is going well! I truly delighted for you! Much love, Fran